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Metroids Games - Free Excellent Metroid Fangame


Metroids Game

Metroids Screen

Download Metroids Game

The Metroids - we'd like to introduce you a newly created free Metroid fangame created by new amateur game development team. As any other Metroid fangame relased by Mario City this propably is the most advanced in graphics and platform movement. Your main objective is to discover newly seen planet in galaxy - Metroid Planet. Use many kinds of weapons and power-ups. Increase firepower by collecting bonuses, complete huve rooms, and fight against enemies. Have a nice playing time.

Download Metroids Games

Download Metroid Wiki

Metroid Rom Download

Metroid Wiki - this is a compilation of logic and platform game based on Metroid game realm. Your main objective is to answer for the questions based on weapons, worlds, enemies, aliens, the metroid kinds and other things similiar to the metroid games from nintendo consoles.

Metroid Wiki

Download Metroid ROM - Rage of Metroid free fangame

Metroid Rom Download

Metroid Rom Download

Metroid Rom Download

Metroid ROM - Metroid Rage of Metroid. Another fangame based on popular hero women armed and strong like superman in fancy armour. The game idea is simple, most likely gameplay was based on the Metroid game from Gameboy, or Metroid from Super Nintendo. So all fans of Metroid series should find something new in this production.

Download Metroid Rom the Fangame

Download Metroid Redemption - Free Metroid Fangame

Metroid Redemption

Metroid Redemption Download

Metroid Redemption Fangame

Metroid Redemption Screenshot

Download Metroid Redemption

The Metroid Redemption Fangame - created by Jimmy Skid for Metroid fanmage community. Another fangame basing on popular Metroid realm. The mighty shiny yellow armed women with guns and rockets must fight agains enemies. This time your ship is landing on blue planet Shhoorda, you must fight again with the willains and find the way how to fix your vessel. Good Luck!

Download Metroid Redemption

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